Trike Tour Safety Briefing

  • Keep your feet on the footrests or Running Boards at all times – there is an extremely high risk of severe injury to any passenger who puts their feet below the Running Boards and on to the road;
  • Not being affected by substance abuse, being in control of bodily functions, practising suitable hygiene
  • Do not scream, swear or flailing of limbs, for example, that can distract the rider, etc.
  • You cannot wear other items on your heads if it restricts correct fitting of motorcycle helmets.
  • Where safety is of a concern to any party on or off the vehicle (including the person themselves) the driver may refuse to carry the passenger and the Service for that Passenger will be cancelled immediately, either before or during the Service”; and
  • Dropped items will not be retrieved unless it is deemed safe to do so.
  • Driver will demonstrate the safest way to board and dismount the trike, your fellow passenger will assist you with the process.

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